The 6th Annual Clean Energy Conference

About Conference

Today, the importance of the energy and environmental concerns is clear to everyone. Addressing clean energy as one of the new world's challenges is not an option but a fundamental necessity. Iran has a natural potential for renewable energy sources, especially solar energy. The significance of clean energy approaches is highlighted in general policies of the country.
Shiraz University as the most important research center in the south part of the country with 50 years of experience in the renewable energy field, is proud to host the sixth annual clean energy conference on February 27-28, 2019. The purpose of the conference is to bring together the leading industry and academic experts in the field to discuss the latest developments in clean energy. Therefore, all the scholars, researchers, experts, students and managers of the energy sector are invited to participate and send their latest research results and scientific and industrial experiments to the conference secretariat. It is hoped that this event would result to effective improvements in the country's research and industrial programs of clean and renewable energy systems.