Aims and Scope

Energy Equipment and Systems (energyequipsys) provides an appropriate setting to foster growth of scientific research as well as  development of new theories in the field of power generation and energy systems.

Major scientific areas covered by the articles in the journal include:


Fluid flow considerations in power systems and equipment, Heat transfer in various devices, Energy saving strategies, System dynamics and control, Dynamic simulation of power plant performance, Metallurgical and manufacturing considerations in energy equipment, Process engineering and optimization in equipment and systems

The specific areas may include:

Gas and Steam turbines, Pumps, Boilers, Condensers and Cooling Towers, Heat exchangers, New Methods of Power Generation (wind turbines, biomass, Geothermal, Solar and fuel cells), Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP), Combined Heating Cooling and Power (CCHP), Advanced steam cycles, Computational Fluid Dynamics application (CFD applications), Thermoeconomics, Methods of Detection (Diagnostics and meausrements), Corrosion, Erosion and  Abrasion, High Temperature Materials: Applications and Design, Management and Maintenance, Manufacturing, etc.