Peer Review Process

Plagiarism Policy

Every manuscript submitted to the Journal of energyequipsys is checked for plagiarism after submission and preliminary reviews.

Energyequipsys uses highly accurate plagiarism software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts.

Journal policy is that only manuscripts having less than 30% plagiarism may be subjected to the review process and due editorial course.


Review Process

A journal editor will perform an initial evaluation of each submitted manuscript based on the journal scope, the interest and importance of the topic, the implemented scientific method, the clarity of presentation and the relevance to readers.

If the initial appraisal is positive, articles are sent to independent reviewers within the same field of expertise, as determined by associate editors. It is required that reviewers disclose any conflict of interest that may potentially affect their ability to review an article impartially.

Reviewers will then complete a referee report form and provide general comments to the journal editor. They may also provide general and specific comments to the author(s).  Based on the general consensus of the reviewers, the journal editor makes the final decision as to whether or not the manuscript is suitable for publication. Accepted articles are published electronically on the journal web site as they become ready. Once published, articles are then being selected for a subsequent print issue.