Development of a compression system dynamic simulation code for testing and designing of anti-surge control system

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MAPNA Turbine Engineering & Manufacturing Company (TUGA), Tehran, Iran

2 Mechanical Engineering Department, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


In recent years, several research activities have been conducted to develop knowledge in analysis, design and optimization of compressor anti-surge control system. Since the anti-surge control testing on a full-scale compressor is limited to possible consequences of failure, and also the experimental facility can be expensive to set up control strategies and logic, design process often involves analyses using compression system dynamic simulation. This research focuses on developing and validating a physics-based, modular, non-linear and one-dimensional dynamic model of a compression system: centrifugal compressor and its surrounding process equipment like the scrubber, cooler, recycle line with control and check valves. The mathematical approach of the model is based on laws of conservation and the included ordinary differential equations (ODEs) which describe the system dynamics. It is solved by using a computational method in an in-house FORTRAN code. Compressor characteristics maps generated from company compressor test bench are used to determine compressor pressure ratio and efficiency. All equipment and inlet/outlet accessories as well as test instructions, follow the requirements of ASME PTC10. The simulation within a wide range of operating conditions allows a parametric study to be performed and the optimal values of the control parameters to be selected. In order to check the validity of the model, the simulation results are then compared with experimental data of company industrial compressor test facility and also with operational field measurements.


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