Energy Equipment and Systems (energyequipsys) is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering journal with a focus on the broad field of heat and power generating as well as heat and power-consuming equipment and systems. Energyequipsys is published quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year.

Energy Equipment and Systems belongs to the University of Tehran, which is a governmental organization; therefore, all expenses are covered by this university as well as the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

The journal is aimed to provide a dependable peer-review platform for publishing original research articles, review papers and communications which are compiled to advance the current state of the knowledge about different aspects of the energy-related systems based on fossil fuel, biofuel and renewable energy sources. Energyequipsys highlights major theoretical achievements, numerical/computational simulations as well as experimental investigations of the energy production, conversion, and storage equipment and systems.

Submitted manuscripts are encouraged to base their analyses on the well-known theories utilized in fields of fluid flow, heat transfer, thermodynamics, CFD, system dynamics and control, optimization, multi-physics modeling, metallurgy, and materials science and manufacturing related to the energy analysis, energy modeling and prediction, integrated energy systems and energy-efficient systems.

It is highly recommended that submitted manuscripts address the following specific problems/issues: 

  • Fossil fuel power plants: energy-saving strategies, process engineering, and optimization, gas turbines, boilers, cooling towers, CCHP, power plant maintenance, combustion reacting flow
  • Wind energy: turbines, mechanical systems, and controls
  • Biomass power plants: bioengineering and bioreactors
  • Geothermal energy: heat pumps, geysers, and novel devices
  • Solar energy: photovoltaic and solar thermal converters
  • Energy conversion: fuel cells and novel devices
  • Renewable energy: identification and assessment of the resources.
  • Lifecycle assessment of various power plants.
  • Hydrogen production, storage and utilization
  • Energy storage mechanism and their techno-economical assessments.

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Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2022 

1. Measurements and parameters estimation in power systems containing UPFC

Pages 1-11

Mehdi Ahmadi Jirdehi; Reza Hemmati; Sadjad Galvani

2. Experimental comparison of internal and external condensers effect on the energy consumption of household refrigerators

Pages 13-26

Nader Alihosseini; Babak Mohammadi; Mohammad Eftekhari Yazdi; Gholamreza Salehi

4. A modified cellular automaton model for simulating ion dynamics in a Li-ion battery electrode

Pages 41-49

Omid Ziaee; Naeem Zolfaghari; Mostafa Baghani; Majid Baniassadi; Kui Wang

5. Design of a new hybrid windcatcher and ground source heat pump system

Pages 51-71

Yousef Gorji Mahlabani; Maryam Yaghoubi Moghaddam; Mohammad Hakim Azari; Farschad Torabi

6. Convolutional neural networks for wind turbine gearbox health monitoring

Pages 73-82

Samira Zare; Moosa Ayati; Mohammad Reza Ha'iri Yazdi; Amin Kabir Anaraki

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